We Can Help You Burn Wood Better

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Welcome to the home of the Wood Heat Organization Inc., a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency dedicated to the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.

We start from the premise that heating a house with wood, partly or totally, is environmentally appropriate (conditionally) and economically beneficial. That doing it is physically healthful, and that experiencing it is comforting to the body and soothing to the spirit. Big claims for a heating fuel.

Like any other human endeavor, wood heating can be done badly or well. Firewood can be harvested poorly, burned dirty and its heat wasted. The harmful behavior of those who burn wood badly has led to continual attacks in the media on the whole idea of residential wood heating.

While some users give wood heating a bad name, there are hundreds of thousands of responsible homeowners who burn wood well. By that we mean their firewood is harvested sustainably, it is burned cleanly and efficiently, and its energy is used to reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming. Here, you will find support for your efforts to use wood well. We’ll also clear up some misconceptions about wood heating – there are a lot of them around. At woodheat.org, you’ll get a balanced view of the merits of wood heating.

Whatever energy source you choose, its use will have an impact on the environment. The best energy sources are renewable and the best of those are solar power and wind power because their environmental impacts tend to be low. As good as they are, though, they do have their problems and limitations. Wood is another renewable energy source with its own problems and limitations, some of which can be managed and minimized, others of which cannot. But when it is used effectively, wood is a fine fuel compared to all the other options we have available.

We hope you learn something useful and enjoy your visit.


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