Where should I position my pellet stove?
Your family room, great room or living room [wherever your family spends the most time] is an ideal place for your stove. A room which provides heat flow to other areas is also a good place for your stove. Venting requirements may hinder your options. Additionally, outside air for combustion has to be drawn from an approved location. Remember, too, that your stove should be near a properly wired outlet and must meet minimum clearance between stove and combustibles. These things must all be considered in order to locate a place that provides optimal operation and service.

What are my choices for floor protection?
The floor must be protected according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The minimum size of the non-combustible floor protector is clearly specified in installation instructions. The choice of suitable material usually requires professional assistance, unless a suitable hearth is already available in the home. Built-in appliances may require additional layers of protection, such as an air space between appliance and the floor protector.

What are the routine maintenance tasks I need to perform to keep the stove working properly?
Check the burn pot daily and clean it periodically to keep air inlets open. Frequency of cleaning depends on fuel type, grade, and content. Emptying the ash drawer is recommended before starting new fires. Frequency depends on fuel and stove design. Typically once or twice a week is suggested, but monthly may be all that’s needed in some new designs. Cleaning the heat exchanger is simply a matter of moving a rod that scrapes the tubes inside the stove. You may require professional service on other models. Ash traps are easily accessed for the removal of ashes in some designs; on others, professional service is required. Clean the glass with glass cleaner when the glass is completely cool. Some stoves have effective air wash systems which keep the glass clean. Other stoves may require more vigorous cleaning methods. Check the hopper periodically for accumulated sawdust materials (fines). Fuel in the hopper and auger tube should be emptied occasionally to prevent auger blockage by fines.

What professional maintenance and repair services will I need?
We at A Cozy Fireplace regularly perform these annual cleaning and maintenance services:

·         Empty ash traps and clean exhaust passages behind the fire chamber.

·         Clean and lubricate fans and motors.

·         Clean the hopper and fuel feed system.

·         Clean the heat exchanger system.

·         Clean exhaust pipes and reseal the venting system if needed.

·         Verify and adjust the stove settings with proper gauges and meters.

·         Repair and replace mechanical and electric components if needed.